2014 Black Sheep Exhibit at the Redwood City Library


It’s February and a new exhibit of hand weaving and spinning is now on display at the Redwood City Library. Here is a mosaic of some photos I took at the 2014 Black Sheep Handweavers Guild exhibition.

(Slide show: Click any image in the mosaic below to start a slideshow; Exit the slideshow by clicking the white X in the upper left corner of the screen.)

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The exhibit will be on view through February. Public parking is next door to the library.


Author: carto

Retired software engineer who grew up in Montana, went to Montana State College in Bozeman, and moved to California to work at Stanford Research Institute (SRI). Carto's Library is about books I've read and liked; Carto's Logbook is about photography, travel and adventure. Mt. Maurice Times is tall tales mostly biographical.

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